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My name is Diana Evans
and I am a full time
Illustrator and Designer living in Ontario, Canada. My passion is art in every form...

I learned about art at an early age from my Dad.....
I followed him all around as he painted and welded metal sculptures and I doodled my way through school....and finally here I am .... living my dream


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If there would be one piece of advice I would give to anyone starting would be to always stay true to you and your craft. We all have our favorite Illustrators and Artists out there, never try to mimic them. Use them for inspiration. You will be successful if you stay true to your own style and your work....and practice, practice should be an every changing and evolving Artist.....


I am a full time Artist,Illustrator, Author and Designer...and I feel that drawing takes me to all kinds of wonderful grab a seat and come join me on my journey....


You can see my daily updates on my pop by and follow......


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I look forward to working with you.....


Happy Creating!




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